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On the Air


On the Air is an original musical inspired by the lives of Jack and Loretta Clemens, a real life brother and sister duo that started in Vaudeville and went on to star in Radio and Television. When Loretta's career surpasses that of Jack's, she must come to terms with what she truly wants. It's a story that deals with major changes in society and entertainment throughout the early half of the 20th century, but at its core, the story focuses on the siblings' relationship and one woman's determination to find her own voice


Because of its coverage of time, On the Air has a wide range of musical undertones; some pieces are reminiscent of the golden age while others have a more contemporary flair.  In terms of dramatic tone, it has the adventure of Annie Get Your Gun, the drama of Gypsy, and the heart of Funny Girl. 


It is also the first musical in history about a brother and sister, written by a brother and sister, starring a brother and sister.


Music by Robert Farruggia

Book and Lyrics by Robert and Cristina Farruggia



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