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First Week of Rehearsals!

First week of rehearsals are done!

As you can imagine, we are just a LITTLE exhausted haha. Excited, thrilled, eager to move forward, but exhausted none the less.

We are in really great shape so far! We've almost finished blocking the whole show and all the music is pretty much taught (minus one number). As you can imagine, there is quite a lot to learn. Our fearless MD, Brandon Magid, really whipped everyone into shape.

Danielle has been really putting everyone through their paces with the choreography! She's gotten a real feel for the style of the show and period of the piece. It's looking fantastic. We'll be finishing up most of the choreography for the main production numbers this weekend. Greg, our director, has been putting us through our paces as well and we've almost finished blocking the whole show!

We also have 2 days left to our Kickstarter campaign (which we've hit goal!!). However, like we say in our video, the $5,000 only covers part of our budget so every little bit above that helps a TON. If you were planning on donating and haven't yet, you don't have much time left! We are so grateful to everyone who has donated thus far and couldn't be happier, but please consider giving a little something if you haven't already. Just the price of a latte goes a long way!

Meanwhile, the writers have been busy getting everything else done as well as learning their lines....Obviously coffee has played an integral part of this process.

Only two weeks left till opening!

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